Transfilm Technology Corporation was found in Silicon Valley by a group of scientists, engineers and market specialists who are highly motivated, innovative, experienced and knowledgeable in water treatment, filtration and separation technologies.Due to the dynamic nature of environmental water and the many requirements on its uses, water treatment has become increasingly complicated and diversified. However, membranes in the treatment of water are an essential part of any water filtration and purification process. Transfilm Technology Corp. specializes in the the development of Reverse Osmosis and Nano Filtration membranes for a wide range of industrial applications.

Transfilm products are used in chemical & petrochemical, power generation, municipal, food and beverage, oil & gas, dyeing & printing, pulp & paper industries as well asspecialty & custom needs.

Transfilm offers over 10 unique NF and RO polymeric membranes, each has specific performance specifications and a variety of configurations to best serve a specific application. Our team of application engineers and membrane scientists have decades of experiences assisting our customers in selecting the most effective membrane products.

Transfilm offers solutions that a standard membrane supplier cannot provide.

  Transfilm® Transfilm Technology Corp. owns Transfilm trademark in US. Trademark number is 87020805。 It  was published on the Trademark Bulletin on September 27, 2016.  The agent number is NH201601832. The registration date is April 14, 2017 and the trademark registration number is 19225789. The copyright registration number is 2018-F-00675847 and the registration date is December 04, 2018. Currently, Shaanxi UltraClean Membrane Co., Ltd. is the sole subsidiary of Transfilm Technology Corp.