Specialty and Custom Products

TRANSFILM™Specialty and Custonuzed Elements can be made to meet the uruque requirements of specifie process appllcattorrs. TRANSFILM offers a series of revers osmosis(RO)and nanofiltration(NF) membranes/elements for high temperature operations,heat sanitizable constructions,aand ultra high pressure operations with optimal flux and rejection capable of filtering out multivalent salts and larger molecules and selectivel rejecting various amounts of monovalent salts.

1.We offer membrane products of various types:Permeate Tube/Outer Shell/Element Size/Feed Spacer Size.
2.We provide elements thatcan sustain various environments:high temperature/warm temperatuem/high pressure/hltra high pressure.
3.We can manufacture specialty membranes for pharmaceutical,food&beverge,oil&has and dyeing&printing industries.

*Send us your specifications and requirements,we can manufacture membrane products uniquely suited to your needs.

Pre-sale service:
Content: Formulate product, technology, solution, new field promotion meeting plan and professional field, professional field or media product and technology promotion plan.

In-sale service:
Content: Product application and testing knowledge and skills training plan, membrane application system design plan provision or participation plan.
Process: Marketing department and R&D center will provide customers with on-site training on product application and testing knowledge and skills; participate.
Program design and on-site application guidance; help customers establish and implement product application, testing and maintenance standards and work instructions.

After-sales service:
Content: Quality assurance service during product use, acceptance of product quality complaints, acceptance of customer service requests, customer care, etc.